Charlie Hunnam Talks #SonsOfAnarchy Season 5!

Posted on June 14, 2012



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Sons of Anarchy‘s much-anticipated fifth season is still (way too many) months away. But with the never-ending flow of casting news surging through the Interwebs in recent weeks, we couldn’t resist prodding star Charlie Hunnam for some scoop.

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Having only just begun production on the FX biker drama’s latest outing, Hunnam’s still relatively in the dark about the season as a whole. He does, however, have a good idea about what Season 5′s Jax looks like — and he differs greatly from the Prince of Charming we’ve come to know.

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“Jax has been battling for four seasons about [staying with the club or leaving], and at the end of last year, he absolutely made the decision that he was going to stay,” the actor tells TVLine. “So, energetically, it’s a very different Jax.

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“He’s not jumping up and down with excitement and full of gung ho, but he’s resigned to be here,” Hunnam continues. “And if he is going to be here, he’s going to make it work. This is a much more calm, mature, practical and driven Jax, which is going to be really exciting and fun to play.”

Basically, he adds with a laugh, “I don’t think Jax is going to be crying as much.”

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Hunnam does, however, caution against confusing his Sons character’s resignation with contentment, noting that his choice ultimately is “going to suck. I’m sure in the back of Jax’s mind there’s still going to be some exit strategy, but that’s not for a long way off at this point.”

Thoughts on Sons of Anarchy‘s new (and improved?) Jax? Hit the comments!

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